RIS PrincipalDear students

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man. – “Vivekananda

Our vision is to make RIS a learning community of motivated students engaged in a learning not merely about earning a living but learning to live and emerge out as sensible, sensitive, competent and responsible human beings. As we move towards the knowledge based society we have to empower the child to move away from the traditional thought processes and think out of the box, for it is only then that he shall be able to contribute to the knowledge base of the system. We always try to create a happy and healthy environment for the students, to facilitate real education to take place as against empty instruction. This is the reason we always scale up and use existing synergies to grow. We believe in giving the very best to every child and giving importance to their all-round development. The world is waiting for them all to go out and make their own mark. Rangoli has always strived to give them the strength of character more than anything else when they will be in turmoil and their inherent values will appear to be in conflict with the system. Have the courage to stand up for what they believe is right.

Let their journey in life be full of happiness, kindness and honesty. Always remember that success without integrity will be short lived. There is no shortcut to success, so, work hard.

Let their alma-mater bask in the glory of their success and happiness.

God bless them all!

Dr.Anju Verma