Primary school years are a period of fast development and evolution. In this stage, the students begin to recognize their real energy and it is required to be channelized and directed towards the right path. It is a systematic process through which a student acquires knowledge, experience, skill and sound attitude. It makes an individual civilized, refined, cultured and educated. For a civilized and socialized society, education is the only means. RIS is one of the best Primary school in Gandhinagar. Admissions now open.

Keeping all these things in the mind, we have developed the Four Petal Learning TM pedagogy which focuses on four pillars of holistic development i.e. Academics, Humanities, Physical Education & Sports and Reasoning development to achieve our goal i.e. holistic development. The outcome of the Four Petal Learning Tm pedagogy is “FUTURE READY CITIZEN“.



At RIS – Gandhinagar, we are committed to providing best of academic environment to our students. Our classrooms are equipped with interactive boards. We also provide smart class teaching to our students but we always ensure that technology does not surpass the personalize teaching provided by teachers. We have a laboratory for languages, computer, science and mathematics.


Physical education and school sport can play an important role in the development of an active lifestyle, hence development and growth. We believe that physical education has to be built into the curriculum along with defined assessment methodology. Physical well being of a student is directly related to his or her performance.

RIS has implemented the best-in-class Physical Education & Sports program in association with Edusports. The program is designed to offer the same firmness in sports and physical education as in academics. This ensures that children learn holistically through physical activity and sports that also help children improve their health and fitness levels dramatically. It brings out the competitive sides of student’s working (both body and mind) and also promotes sportsmanship. We have a defined assessment methodology for sports as well.

We offer different sports activities like

  • Cricket
  • Table Tennis
  • Football
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Skating
  • Gymnastics
  • Taekwondo
  • Basketball
  • Athletics
  • Chess


We refer to the humanities as the study of arts – the visual arts such as architecture, painting and sculpture; music; dance; the theater or drama; and literature. They are the branches of learning concerned with the human thoughts, feelings and relations. Moreover, they are a means to enhance social interaction, leadership, healthy recreation, self-discipline and self-confidence.

The teaching of the humanities is intended to make the students realize that the mere possession of knowledge is useless unless put to useful ends. Moreover, they would become aware that knowledge alone is meaningless unless it is accompanied by values, sentiments, priorities, insights, inter-relationships and other transcendent realities not subject to empirical proofs also form part of the person’s education. In the humanities, the students are exposed to these, thus, the development of the whole person, which is the goal of RIS. RIS is one of the best primary CBSE school in Gandhinagar.

Students in all the grades have the opportunity to participate in various activities like

  • Drawing
  • Art
  • Pottery
  • Ceramic
  • Yoga
  • Dramatics
  • Craft
  • Sculpture
  • Digital Art
  • Western music
  • Indian Music
  • Public Speaking
  • Indian Dance
  • Western Dance
  • Musical Instrument Playing

New generation students have to face the competitive world by the end and during their education cycle. In this cutting edge scenario, they must be strong in reasoning. Reasoning means the process of thinking about something in a logical way in order to form a conclusion or judgment. Mastering over it will not be overnight. We have introduced logic and reasoning as a subject from the primary level to prepare them right from the initial stage. In the higher studies, it will help a lot to the students and the separate coaching will not be needed for it. At different stages we introduce:

Verbal Reasoning, Nonverbal reasoning, Quantitative ability, Data interpretation