RIS, Gandhinagar’s 4th annual event was organized on December 16, 2017 at city town hall. RIS has a tradition of celebrating annual events on the basis of themes. This year’s theme was EDUCATION.

Students have performed various art forms like dance, singing, English drama and instruments playing on the basis of theme EDUCATION. Students’ splendid performances have made the audience spellbound.

We acknowledge the gracious presence of our management team Mr. Prahar Anjaria (Chairman), Mrs. Anamika Anjaria (Director), Mr. Pranav Soni (Trustee), Dr. Anju Verma (Principal). We are happy to have valuable presence of our guests Mr. Krishnakant Jha (Editor, Gandhinagar Samachar), Mr. Rajendra Malwal (Prinicpal, Bhagwati International School, Patan), Dr. Vaibhav Patel (Medical Director, Pagarav Hospital, Gandhinagar) and Mr. Rinkesh Patel (Campus Director, Rangoli International School, Mehsana)

Here are the glimpse of the magnificent event…..