Without a doubt, the biggest worry of each and every parent is finding a school that offers good quality education right from the time a kid starts his schooling. With so many board options, you will surely face difficulty in choosing. A lot of parents consider CBSE board among others. This has multiplied the number of CBSE schools in as well as around India. If you live in Gujarat, you will be happy to know about the availability of the best CBSE schools in Gujarat.

Why is CBSE Board best for your child?

There are several reasons that compel you to select CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) compared to any other board. Before you know the reason to consider CBSE, know what it actually is. Well, to begin with, CBSE board is generally a public and private school Board of Education which includes less burden of traditional learning and more of practical learning, easy to adapt curriculum, focusing on Maths and Science, encourage co-curricular activities such as drama, art, dance, music, and more.

Why is Rangoli International School in Gandhinagar the best CBSE School?

The Rangoli International School based out in Gujarat Gandhinagar is one of the best CBSE schools in Gandhinagar for a variety of reasons.

To begin with, it is promoted by renowned educationists, successful management personalities as well as leading professionals who strive to bring important change in the entire education system of today. They started their first preschool in Baroda, Gujarat in 2009, which is an acclaimed preschool brands with 60+ preschool across Gujarat now. Later on, with their vast experience and knowledge, they initiated Rangoli International School, which is a co-educational English medium school located in two cities namely Gandhinagar and Mehsana. This leading RANGOLI group is led by dynamic personalities mentioned below along with the support of the entire teacher admin staff.

  • Mr. Prahar Anjaria – Founder promoter and Chairman
  • Mrs. Anamika Anjaria – Founder promoter and Director

Some reasons to take admission in RIS CBSE English medium school in Gandhinagar

  • The school’s education curriculum includes academics, sports and physical education, humanities as well as reasoning abilities to shape the overall personality of the children to match the aggressive competitive world.
  • The academics has a range of grade beginning from pre-primary, primary, secondary, higher secondary, this will be more than enough to lay the foundation of a child’s career in most effective manner.
  • For better student engagement this best school in Gandhinagar also offers school club, school houses, school calendar, and evaluation pattern which would improve student and teacher interaction.
  • The well-organized infrastructural facilities which can mold your child’s versatility are a library, sports area, computer labs, smart class, music room, and more.
  • RIS is one of those schools who not only believe in providing better education but in providing nutritional food and safety-driven transportation to their students.
  • All studies and no play make jack a dull boy – this is something school of modern age can only understand and thereby RIS properly understands. This is why they organize annual activities and celebrations to induce cultural and humanitarian values in children.

These are just a few reasons to take admission in Rangoli International School which is an English medium school located in Gandhinagar – capital of Gujarat. Admissions are open for pre-primary, primary and secondary. To know more about RIS CBSE board school contact us.