RIS Gandinagar Annual Report 2019-2020

Vidya dadati vinayam,

Vinayam dadati paatrataam’

Paatratva Dhanamaaapnoti,

Dhanaat Dharmam Tatasukham.

Education gives Humility; Humility gives Character, from Character one gets Wealth, from wealth one gets Righteousness, in Righteousness there is joy. This is the philosophy that guides all of us at Rangoli International School. We believe in nurturing our students into responsible citizens with strong characters. 

A Very Good Morning everyone, I take great pleasure in presenting before you, the annual report of our school. 

The school, during the current academic year has added several feathers to its cap. We are proud of our students and teachers who strive hard beyond expectation.

Innovation is at the very root of our teaching pedagogy which has 4 petals. 

The report for our 1st petal i.e. Academics:

We are indeed proud to announce 100% result of class 10th and we extend heartiest congratulations to our school topper Nupur Pandit for a performance par excellence.


Our students participated in Science, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge and Cyber Olympiads conducted at the National level and did us all proud. 

Our students also participated in the Byju’s and ASSET talent search examinations. Shaurya Singh Lamba and Tanishq N Patel of Class V made it to the second round. 

TCS IT Quiz competition was organized and children participated showing their IT skills.

Aditya Doria bagged Ist prize in Gyandeep Handwriting and drawing competition. 

Students participated in Math Mania and Mind Wars too.

 Active learning

We encourage learning by doing having activities chapter wise to instill practical skills is our children.

Social Science Exhibition 

A Social Science exhibition was organized in the month of October this year where students were at their eloquent best, leaving the audience awestruck. They spoke about every topic from Great Monuments, The Indian Constitution, democracy, the Indian Independence movement and the list could go on.

Children had put up a great show depicting the growth of India, national movements and present initiatives.

The tiny tots too participated in depicting the varied Indian cultures.

Space Science Workshop

Space Science workshop on Model Rocketry was organized by Mr Pratham Ambla and Mr M.P. Deomurari. 

The little scientists made their own water rockets and launched them enthusiastically with great precision.

Further, a second round of Interschool Rocket Launching competition was also held in St Xavier’s School, Ahmedabad.

 Udgeet Anjaria, Sachi Agroiya and Rishit Joshi of class IX were selected for the final round that will be held in Japan.

To inculcate the habit of reading a Scholastic book fair was also organized.

Report on our 2nd petal Physical education.

Sports Activities

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and that’s why our Students were encouraged to participate in sports. Students of our school participated at district level Khel Mahakumbh. Our Kabaddi team stole the show. Anshika Malwal qualified for 50m race in district level. Our students, also participated at inter district Karate competition and secured 10 medals. 1 gold, 2 silver and 7 bronze.

 Needless to say we all are swollen with PRIDE!

We regularly conduct sessions on Yoga and self-defense.

 Report on our 3rd petal Life skills;

Connecting with society

Philanthropy must be inculcated amongst children from a tender age and we here at Rangoli International School are committed to it.

We as a team held a number of projects, for our students to give back to the world..,some of these projects were Helpage India, Samvedana, Parinda: save birds project.

 On the occasion of Vanamohostava all the members of Rangoli planted saplings. It gives us immense pleasure to watch these saplings grow.

Our students also spread health awareness amongst villagers by performing a Nukkad Natak. 

Report on our 4th petal Humanities:

CCA Activities

Co-curricular activities provide children opportunities to showcase their talents. Inter house and inter class competitions were conducted throughout the year which included singing, fancy dress competition, poem recitation, drawing and painting, English extempore, debates, elocution, poster making amongst many.

Our children participated in Krishna Heritage fest  held at Hare Krishna Mandir-

 Meera Nambhothari of Class IV bagged Ist prize in solo dance competition, Kamlesh Gujjar 2nd prize for elocution and Palash Anjaria , 3rd prize for storytelling. 


It is fun and enterprising to set up a business and run it, with all the financial risks in the hope of profit and we at Rangoli encourage our young entrepreneurs to set up stalls at Christmas carnival.

Special Assemblies:

For the holistic development of our students many special assemblies were conducted …You can have a glimpse of a few of them. Kargil vijay diwas, the quit India movement.

Creative marathons, talent hunt, Abhivaykti, Kilkariyas, Jhankar, Sparsh colouring competition were specially organized for the Preprimary.

Educational visits

Educational visits are part of curriculum which were held at many places as you see. like State level Library Indroda park, Sports authority of India, Punit van, Sabarmati Ashram and Children had lot of fun in Adalaj step well.

Teachers’ Training

Various workshops were organized with an aim to keep teachers abreast with the latest trends in the field of education. Such interactions with top academia helps teachers to hone their skills further which in turn translates into better performance.

We also had some interactive sessions with a few professionals like Dr Alpa Jasani and Mrs Ashlesha Deshpande who spoke about Parenting, identifying learning disabilities and handling adolescence.

RIS Initiatives

The school has introduced many initiatives in order to ensure physical and digital well-being of all its students. 

Health checkup camps were organized.

Since it is very important to hydrate our body and children forget to drink water hence, a water bell initiative was introduced for the children to quench their thirst.

We use plastic in almost everything be it bottles, bags plates, glasses amongst many, hence awareness about judicious use of plastic is very important.

Thursdays are observed as No Mobile days. So children are encouraged not to use mobiles. 

No fire crackers on Diwali: An initiative to reduce noise and air pollution was taken up proactively.


Before I conclude, I would like to congratulate the students for putting such a stupendous show, the parents for their unstinted support.  I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all the teachers and office staff for their dedication, hard work and team spirit. 

Last but not the least; I thank the school management for their visionary leadership without which Rangoil International would not be there where it is today. 

In closing, I would like to echo the words of the famous painter, sculptor and poet Michelangelo….who said “I saw an Angel in the marble and I carved until I set her free.”  Jai Hind